Nice to e-meet you, I'm Elliot Shimba.

I'm a Toronto-based full-stack web developer,
a strong advocate of diversity in tech community,
and an avid sourdough-baker.

I enjoy crafting beautiful applications, especially in a cohesive team, using JavaScript and JS-fueled/related tools such as React.js, Node.js, TypeScript, Redux.js, Gatsby, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Jest, Git and more.

As a trans person of colour, I consciously strive to be a safer person to work with and create a safer workplace for the fellow queer/bipoc/people with disabilities. Although things have improved for us these past several years as mentioned in here and here, I believe the tech and open source community can be even more inclusive and diversed with our continuous effort.

Besides the things mentioned above, I am also keen on

  • Operating systems
  • Blockchain
  • FOSS
  • Hackathons & GameJams
  • Teaching how to code, especially socially & culturally marginalized folks
  • Online privacy
  • Net neutrality
  • Technical document translation (English - Japanese)

Photo credit Roxanne Nicolussi

Oh, you too? Excellent! Let's make it happen together or let me contribute to your project.
To get in touch, you can email me or message me on


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